The World In Grey

by Wait For Red Skies

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Recorded at Bandit Studios by Jonny Renshaw


released April 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Wait For Red Skies Bristol, UK

Wait For Red Skies was formed by long-time friends Tom Chown, Kev Weaver, Nick Middle and Richard Illidge.

After a year and a half of writing together the band released their debut EP ‘The World In Grey’ on 20th April 2015.

They are now getting out on the road to showcase their music live and are always working on new material.
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Track Name: Upon this Emerald Earth
There, on pathless heights is freedom
There, by shimmering shores is grandeur
There, beneath the stars is wisdom
Where the sunlight meets with the horizon

The silent mountain crown, the windswept melody
The river's tranquil voice, the woodland symphony
We walk in the shadows to live a concrete lie
We disregard the truth of green Earth and of blue sky

Desperately we search to understand ourselves
Freedom can't be bought, live beyond a price
Lost in the future enclosures that we built
Removed from the past, disconnection grows

Strength through harmony
Lost through apathy

Discolour the landscape
The lifeblood we forsake
Consider it progress
Decline is our success
Track Name: As the Reflection Fades
Don't fade, withering, vanishing
Let go, find release, be at peace

Remember the laughter I once knew
I retain a piece of yesterday
Shroud myself with fragments of the past
In a haze of memories and dreams
Far too late for chances that I've lost
All I want can't be bought or sold
Here I lie in time immeasurable
All I ask, know me as I was
Remaining as a part of you

Segregate to lessen our sorrow
Disengage, we took away your choice
Dependence is all that you have left
A shadow of yourself
Justify suspension of the end
Moralise as we sustain your pain
Congregate to false beliefs we hold
Comfort in the lies

Don't fade to grey, led astray, live for today
Becoming colourless, existing motionless
Track Name: Through Winter
I once thought those days were endless
Looking back I still remember
The simple thrill of my pulse racing
We were alive in every moment
I can't ignite these dying embers
I'll suffer cold until the morning

And though I feel I'm lost, I will not break today
Although the storm is dark blue skies emerge from grey
I'll leave behind these tracks and push these thoughts aside
I'll walk on through the rain and swim against the tide

We'll fly with broken wings to reach the distant shore
Though the night seems long there will be a dawn
Track Name: The Weight of Doubt
And though we try, the perception will not fade away
Consumed in doubt, consumed in desperation
Time doesn't slow when long-gone moments seem yesterday
Straining for breath, straining for animation
Anxiety at the thought of living unfulfilled
Condemned to repetition, condemned to tired acceptance
Automated we persevere through a world in grey
Yearning for a new moment, yearning for another way

In suspended animation, repeating the same day
We don't pause long enough to even recognise
This cage is our construction, and it has an open door
The choice is to walk through, or sink helpless to the floor

To understand, we all search for meaning
The superficial won't wake us from the dream
It's only you who can define the way
Take hold, seize the moment between past and destiny

Pull your head from the sand, see the world at your feet
I need to feel alive, I need time to draw breath
Find solace in the moment, life burns with every heartbeat
Time will not pass me by through lack of consciousness